Bigovo is a small fishing town in Montenegro on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. This is an ideal place for lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday.

The town of Bigovo is located on the shores of the bay of the same name in the Grbal valley. And it is located on the open sea coast between the cities of Tivat and Budva. Fishing remains the main occupation of local residents to this day. However, due to the presence of the port area, this place was chosen by the owners of numerous yachts.

The main advantage of the sea coast in the Grbal Valley is its distance from the noisy tourist areas. In Bigovo there are agricultural lands: vineyards, orchards and olive groves. And along the coast there are villas and holiday homes. By the way, the sea water in these places is especially clean.

Bigova beach (Bigova plaža) is a concrete-rocky beach with sandy areas, located in the bay near the village of Bigovo. Dozens of meters of the beach consist of a concrete area. However, there are also rocky and sandy areas known for curative mud. In addition, there is a car park and a pier on the beach. There are also many restaurants and cafes along the waterfront.

Bigovo is located in a bay protected from the sea and winds. Which makes it a quiet and cozy place. In the past, pirates hid here from storms and rested from sea robbery. And now fishing boats and yachts of wealthy tourists sway on the waves. In addition, the surrounding air is filled with the scent of laurel and conifers. Which is very good for your health.

In addition, Bigovo is famous for its fresh fish from local fishermen. There are several restaurants in the town, where they cook excellent fish soup - chorba. Even the neighboring regions of Montenegro come to taste this dish of national cuisine.

The city is notable for the fact that it is a favorite vacation spot for many celebrities. For example, the houses of the musician Goran Bregovich and the director Emir Kusturica are located here.

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