Dobrota is one of the many fishing villages in Montenegro. It is great for relaxing away from the bustle of the city. This settlement is unlikely to suit discerning tourists, but it will appeal to connoisseurs of natural beauty and quiet pastime.

The village of Dobrota in Montenegro is part of the Kotor municipality. On the one hand, it borders on the settlement of Lyuta and the river of the same name, on the other - on the resort of Kotor.

The village is located in the eastern part of the Bay of Kotor. Dobrota is so small that in some guidebooks it is not singled out as an independent settlement and is called just a suburb of Kotor.

There are several cafes and restaurants in Dobrota village. To diversify your meal and rest in general, from here you can get to Kotor, where there are excellent shopping spots, bars and nightclubs. In summer, the bus runs between Dobrota and Kotor from early morning until late at night.

Churches are the main asset of the Dobrota village. There are three of them in total, and each has its own historical significance.

There are no beaches equipped for recreation in Dobrota, but this does not mean that you cannot swim here. Walking along the coastline, you will surely see many concreted areas. They are located right next to the water. These are small beach areas created by the skillful hands of local residents.

Most often, you have to dive into the water directly from the pier. In rare cases, you can enter the sea by steps. The water in the village of Dobrota, though not ideal, is clean, without mud and algae. Locals put sun loungers on the concrete areas and enjoy the summer sun. Tourists follow their example.

Residents of Dobrota moor their yachts right off the coast. Almost all of them are for rent. If you wish, you can ask the owner of the boat to take you for a ride around the area, show you secluded coves with beaches, or simply arrange a fishing trip on the high seas.

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