New road in Lustica (Luštica Bay) put into operation


The MR2 road in Radanovichi, which connects the Lustica peninsula and the resort Lustica Bay with the rest of the territory of the municipality of Tivat, was introduced into operation in the presence of representatives of the municipality of Tivat, Luštica Development and Bemax as a contractor.

Tivat Municipality President Zeljko Komnenovic, Luštice Development Manager for Communications with the Montenegrin Government and Local Community Marko Vukasevic and Dusko Vukovic from Bemax visited the newly built site together with media representatives.

“This is one of the largest investments made by the municipality of Tivat in recent times, and with its completion we have finally solved the important transport problem of connecting Lustica to the main highway. About 1,8 million euros were invested in the Bemax contract and about half a million euros in the original contract with the Civil engineer, which was subsequently terminated due to non-compliance with its provisions. I express my satisfaction with the way the work was carried out and with the end result,” Komnenovich said.

Work on the MR2 road with a total length of 800 meters lasted 80 days. MR2 is a continuation of the already built MR1 road and its extension to the Luštica Bay complex in Radanovichi. Luštica Development financed the 2 meter part of the MR200, and the cost of the work was 250 euros.

Representative of Luštice Development Marko Vukasevic expressed his satisfaction that this road will significantly relieve traffic on the coast of Djurasevic and in the center of Radanovici at the same time. He recalled that Luštica Bay is one of the largest tourism and infrastructure projects in Montenegro.

“We plan to build 30 kilometers of roads, 43 substations, four water tanks and a sewage treatment plant, which will then be used for irrigation. The total cost of these works is about 100 million euros,” Vukashevich said.

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