5G network in Montenegro is being developed by a Hungarian company


Outgoing Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic and President of the Hungarian 4iG group Gelert Jasai have signed memorandum of understanding to enhance development cooperation 5G networks, infrastructure and implementation of innovative solutions.

The government recalls that 4iG entered the telecommunications market of the Western Balkans as a strategic investor in 2021 with the acquisition of Telenor Montenegro. The network was later renamed to One Montenegro, and this mobile operator is said to be one of the leaders and bearers of technological development in the market.

The 4iG group plays an important role in the expansion of the 5G network

“The 4iG group plays an important role in the expansion of the 5G network, smart city projects to provide sustainable housing and improve the efficiency of information and communication infrastructure in Montenegro,” the government said in a statement.

4iG's rich experience in the digitalization of public services, the development and integration of e-government projects can improve the efficiency of public administration, according to the government.

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