Arab company plans to build a mini-city near Cape Mavriyan in Ulcinj


Last week was signed Memorandum of Understanding between the government, the municipality of Ulcinj and the Saudi company Al Shiddi Group in order to explore the possibility of developing a tourist complex on Cape Mavrijan (Mavriyan) in Ulcinj.

Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic said after the signing that this is a big day for Ulcinj and Montenegro, explaining that Cape Mauryan, located between Bar and Ulcinj, is an unusual place surrounded by the sea on three sides.

According to him, if an agreement is reached, it is expected that Montenegro will receive a prestigious resort in this place, which will have several tourist and commercial destinations.

“The idea is that Mavriyan will become a new small town with all amenities. I believe that this is a serious company that has all the necessary recommendations for the development of such a project. This opens up business opportunities for other companies from Saudi Arabia, as well as from other countries,” Abazovich said.

He also added that the attraction of brands creates opportunities for new jobs for the citizens of Montenegro.

“It is also a great ticket for the many partners that Al Shiddi Group has. Anyone who wants to do honest business from any country is welcome in Montenegro, the land of opportunity. I am waiting for successful businessmen who see a chance in the development of our country,” Abazovich said.

Cape Mavriyan is one of the biggest development potentials of the municipality of Ulcinj

Al Shiddi Group President Suleiman Al Shiddi reminded that they have been working in the region for 15 years, where they have good experience, and that their goal is to go beyond the region.

“I want to thank the government of Montenegro for giving us the opportunity to make a big investment in Mauryan,” said El Shidi.

He also thanked the Minister for Investments, Ervin Ibrahimovic, who encouraged him and invited him to come.

“This will be just the beginning and a great opportunity for Arab investors in the Montenegrin area. I hope that we will realize all the possibilities,” El Shidi said.

Ulcinj Municipality President Omer Bayraktari announced that another prospect is opening up for this municipality.

“With this act, we are opening, perhaps, one of the biggest development potentials of the municipality of Ulcinj – Mavrian Hill. I am looking forward to working with the group and other companies that will join and I am sure that we will have one of the largest investments in this place, perhaps even more than what we have today in Montenegro - the Luštica bay (Lushtica) , Portonovi (Portonovi) and Porto Montenegro (Porto Montenegro),” Bayraktari concluded.

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