How much is real estate in Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania in 2023

Real estate in Montenegro

Many citizens living in continental areas often think about how nice it would be to have their own property on the seashore. And while the demand for apartments with sea views is growing, the question arises - how much does it cost to have your own housing in Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania.

Beogradski Danas writes that although inflation has also affected the real estate sector, there are places where you can find apartments at affordable prices.


A furnished apartment in Golem, near the sea, costs about 44 euros for 500 square meters. Also in this place you can find studio apartments of 63 square meters each at a price of 50 euros, furnished, the newspaper writes.

Apartments in Shengjin, 90 meters from the sea, on an area of ​​63 square meters cost 51 euros, but unfurnished. A 500 square meter apartment near Mango Beach in Saranda costs 65 euros, while a 58 square meter two bedroom apartment in Orikum near Valona costs 000 euros.

In general, whoever plans to buy an apartment by the sea in this country can sell it at 1000 euros per square meter.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Neum is a small place and the only one in this country that goes to the sea. In this regard, real estate is less, and therefore more expensive. So, an apartment of 37 square meters costs about 62 euros. Two-room apartment 000 sq.m - 56 euros. On average it turns out about 1700 euros per sq.m.

However, there are more houses for sale in this small town, so a 160 square meter house right by the sea costs 665 euros (about 4150 euros per sq.m.).


As in previous years, Croatia leads in real estate prices, as evidenced by new results from Eurostat, which show that apartment prices in this country have increased by 17,3 percent.

A furnished apartment near the beach, in Štinjan near Pula, with an area of ​​about 65 square meters costs about 210 euros. On the other hand, an 000-meter sea-view penthouse in Crikvenica costs 82 euros. That is, on average, about 4000 euros per square meter.

Three-room apartment with a sea view in Makarska with an area of ​​just under 100 square meters costs 285 euros and is located 000 minutes walk from the beach. In Opatija, a large apartment of 15 square meters with a sea view costs as much as 280 euros.

In this regard, we can say that an apartment by the sea in Croatia cannot be found cheaper than 3000 euros per square meter.


In Montenegro, apartment prices are skyrocketing, and owners usually rent them out for a year.

However, if you want a new two-room apartment in Rafailovici with an area of ​​40 square meters, it will cost you about 147 euros, that is 3675 euros per square meter.

Budva much more expensive, so a studio apartment 250 meters from the sea, with an area of ​​22 square meters costs 75 euros.

On the other hand, a studio apartment of 36 square meters in a new complex in Bar can be found at a price of 72 euros or exactly 2000 euros per sq.m.

Two-room apartment in Sutomore (52 sq.m.) costs 98 euros or 300 euros per square meter.

Why choose Montenegro?

In general, buying property in Montenegro can be a profitable decision for investors who are looking for a place to invest in the Balkans. More affordable prices, a booming economy and attractive conditions for work, leisure and living make Montenegro one of the best options for buying property in the Balkans.

In addition to attractive property prices and a rapidly developing economy, Montenegro also offers good conditions for the rental business. The country has a high demand for rental property, especially in popular tourist areas. In addition, Montenegro offers a low level of taxation on property rental income.

Finally, Montenegro has great potential for developing tourism and attracting foreign tourists. This could lead to an increase in demand for rental property in the future and makes it attractive to investors who are looking for profitable opportunities for their business.

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