Djenovici is a quiet and calm town in Montenegro. This is an ideal place for those who want to relax without being distracted by the hustle and bustle.

Djenovici is located on the shore of the Boka Kotorska Bay. 7 km from the resort of Herceg Novi. The small villages of Baosici and Kumbor are located nearby.

The Church of St. Stephen was opened in Djenovici. It contains a rich collection of icons. They were made by famous artists Georgy and Petr Rafailovich. The collection is of great cultural and historical value for Montenegro. The temple itself was erected in the XNUMXth century.

The ruins of the Church of St. Elijah are located in the town of Kom, in the suburb of Djenovici. Scientists say that the temple was built during the reign of the Nemanichi (XII century). The architecture of the church is dominated by classical Romanesque elements.

The coast of the city is strewn with tiny bays that smoothly turn into pebble beaches. The main beach of Djenovici is 270 meters long. It is dominated by pebble and concreted areas.

A part of the coastal zone is at the disposal of local hotels. They offer additional services to vacationers and charge for them. To sit on your own rug, it is better to choose the municipal part of the beach.

Djenovici has numerous fish restaurants and cafes. Grocery and other shops operate in the neighborhood.

While walking around the city, you can see several beach areas where locals rest. These beaches are made up of concrete sections. And equipped only with stairs leading to the water.

Every February, the Mimosa festival takes place in the city area. The festive event starts in Djenovici. However, its main entertainment part takes place in neighboring towns.

The festival has been held for the past 40 years. It is of great importance to the locals. Now Montenegrin and Western pop stars take part in it.

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