The bridge over the Bojana River will cost 20 million euros

The bridge over the Bojana River will cost 20 million euros

Prime Ministers of Montenegro and Albania Dritana Abazovic and Edi Rama signed an agreement between the two countries on the construction of a bridge over the Bojana River, which will require about 20 million euros.

Abazovich said the total cost of building the bridge is 20 million euros and that the costs will be shared between the two countries. The Prime Minister also said that there is an article for these expenses in the capital budget of Montenegro.

“We will likely see this payout announced multiple times,” Abazovich said at a joint press conference.

He also stated that he does not know that there is a cheaper and more efficient project. I hope that the prime minister will soon be in the opening phase of the tender.

Rama said that this is an important project that will bring the two parties together.

The Albanian Prime Minister said that the Boyana Bridge would reduce the distance between the two countries from tens of kilometers to 300 meters.

“We covered the idea of ​​the project with our own funds, and we will cover the construction with joint funds. Wages in Montenegro is higher, so Albania cannot pay for the bridge if it has already paid for the project idea,” Rama added.

As specified, the joint commission of the two countries will work on a joint tender, which will select the best applicant.

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