PayPal in Montenegro: applied to join the online payment system


Montenegro and North Macedonia jointly apply to participate in the PayPal online payment system, this was announced at a meeting of the Government of Montenegro.

Public Administration Minister Dukaj Marash said that an important visit to Skopje is coming up, so he offered a platform to meet with the minister there.

“This is a very important visit, we are talking about the conclusion of a memorandum between the two ministries of Montenegro and North Macedonia in order to digitalization and information security. There is also an idea that Montenegro, together with North Macedonia, submit an application that the company itself proposed,” he said.

Marash said that the two countries together have a better chance of becoming part of this network for online payments.

Receiving money via PayPal is not yet possible in Montenegro

Currently, PayPal money transfers are allowed in Montenegro only in one direction, that is, when paying for goods and services via the Internet. It is not yet possible to receive money through this platform, which is a significant barrier for all those who plan to do business on the Internet.

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